Virginia Canyon Mountain Biking Trails Opening In Clear Creek County

Mountain biker phot credit: Berin Klawiter
photo credit: Berin Klawiter

The whitewater rafting in Clear Creek is world class and definitely a must do for locals and visors alike. Many of our guest are looking to maximize their time in Clear Creek County and are searching for outdoor activities in addition to whitewater rafting. If you enjoy combining exercise and thrills than the perfect activity to supplement your rafting adventure might be mountain biking! Clear Creek County is home to some amazing and diverse Mountain Biking trail systems.

The Virginia Canyon Mountain Park is located in the City of Idaho Springs just north of the Argo Mill. The development of the trails is made possible by the city of Idaho Springs, the Mighty Argo and the hard work and generosity of many individuals and organizations. The Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) helped secure funding grants from Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Great Outdoors Colorado in order to complete phase 1 which opened in the spring of 2022.

Virginia canyon phase 1 map

The first phase laid the groundwork for the rest of the project by constructing the uphill multi use trail that will service the downhill biking trails to be built during phase 2 and 3. Ever since the 1st Phase of the project opened in the spring of 2022, this brand new set of trails have been highly anticipated.

COMBA succeeded in securing more funding from GOCO with additional donations from the Trek Foundation and Teens inc. These crucial donations helped fund the second phase of construction which is near completion and will be open for biking this summer!

virginia canyon phase 2 map

As you cans see from the map above, there is now downhill trails to go along with the uphill. During the third phase of construction these beginner and intermediate trails will be soon joined by more advanced options. When completed, the Virginia Canyon Park will cover 400 acres with around 12 miles of trails. The mountain biking and hiking trails cross steep and challenging terrain making for some thrilling excitement. We cant wait to check out this new phase as the word around town is that the Rosa Gulch Downhill is fantastic!

Below you can check out the conception of the Virginia Canyon once all three phases are completed, and video of the proposed Argo Upper Landing and Gondola development. At LD we are all about getting a workout in, but taking a gondola shuttle to the top would be pretty nice!

check back here for the official opening date and for. more info

See you this summer on the river and on the trail!