Big March Storm Adds To 2024 Snowpack

snow covered Liquid Descent

The LD shop is covered in white stuff out here in Colorado! We are happy to report he entire Clear Creek drainage received a healthy dose of snow during the week of March 14th. Some locations throughout the county reported up to 40 inches of accumulation! This storm sets us up nicely for the 2024 whitewater rafting season and we still have several weeks left to stock up on the snow.

According to scientists, approximately 83% of the water that flows in the rivers of Colorado comes from the snowpack and spring runoff. As raft guides in Colorado we always appreciate a good rain storm and the subsequent bump in river flows, but we understand that its all about the snowpack. A solid snow year provides great skiing conditions and epic powder days throughout the winter. After the storms move through the spring sun begins to melt the snow and the rafting season begins. A robust snow pack means an extended rafting season that can last well into September. It is still early but looking at our current snow pack we cant help but get a little excited.

As of March 19th the Clear Creek snow pack is sitting pretty. We look forward to enjoying great whitewater rafting late into the summer. A healthy snowpack not only extends rafting season but it also makes for a great high water period in June! If your looking for a thrill definitely check out the Clear Creek Advanced during high water.

We will check in a the start of rafting season gets closer but until then keep doing your best snow dance!