Gore Canyon Full Day Rafting Expedition

Gore is a deep and remote river gorge with heart pounding rapids. The large drops, numerous obstacles, and steep gradient make Gore Canyon the epitome of classic whitewater. This is a class V Canyon that is extreme in nature. All participants should be in good physical condition and strong swimmers. Before entering the canyon paddlers will have an extensive safety & paddle talk. Every participate will also be required to swim a class III rapid at the mouth of the canyon, and practice getting back in the boat on their own. Gore is the ultimate whitewater experience.


Gore Canyon is an amazing experience but it is not for everyone. All participants must be fit individuals who exercise regularly. If you are out of shape, overweight or do not consider yourself a strong swimmer than you should not participate in a Gore Canyon expedition.

All participants in Gore Canyon MUST be able to:

  • easily run a mile
  • swim ten laps

Liquid Descent reserves the right to change age requirements depending on water levels and individual qualifications. Liquid Descent also reserves the right to turn away a guest if  we feel it is unsafe for that guest to run the trip.