Colorado Rafting season in 2019 will be legendary!

Colorado Rafting season in 2019 will be legendary! 1024 683 Liquid Descent Rafting
Snow Pack at the top of Loveland Pass will make for awesome Clear Creek rafting this summer.
3/15/19 Copious amounts of snow will be making dreams come true all summer long on Clear Creek

The sub par snow pack in 2018 that resulted in an abbreviated Colorado rafting season and grumpy raft guides is now a distant memory. El Niño has delivered the goods, and now we look to the 2019 Colorado rafting season to be amazing!

El Niño

The El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) refers to the changing winds and sea temperatures over the tropical eastern Pacific Ocean. This Oscillation has a strong influence on much of climate in the Western Hemisphere. The cold phase of the ENSO is referred to as La Niña and the warm phase is El Niño. El Niño years don’t always translate into strong precipitation in Colorado. For example, the 2002 season was one of the driest years in Colorado history. However, the 2019 El Niño has produced consistent and strong precipitation over Colorado and the west.

loveland pass sign

Its been a few years since you had to dig out the Loveland pass sign in order to read it.

March has been nothing short of historic as the snow has really piled up in the Rocky Mountains. As of March 14th, Keystone Ski Resort reported 84 inches, which is the snowiest March on record! Six more inches in the next 2 weeks would break the record for the snowiest month ever recorded at the Summit County resort (Dec 1996 – 90 inches).

Our rivers in Colorado are fed by snow melt. When I look at the graph below, two words come to mind… PARTY TIME! The statewide snow pack is currently at 144% with more storms projected the last week in March and through April.

Colorado statewide snowpack as of 3/15/19

High Water

The abundance of snow will translate to a longer period of high-water in June and an extended Colorado rafting season that should last into September. With high water comes more excitement, thrills and fun. However, risks are increased as well. Liquid Descent will be taking additional precautions this summer in order to negotiate the obstacles that higher water presents. The rafting on Clear Creek will be exceptionally fantastic and swift. For those who are looking for extreme whitewater, try the Clear Creek Advanced and Gore Canyon. For these extreme trips, we will utilize multiple safety kayakers, R2 safety and shore support as part of our commitment to provide the highest service to our customers. Even with high water, Liquid Descent will still provide scenic and family rafting trips. Check out the Clear Creek beginner and Upper Colorado if you are looking for a more relaxing experience.

Book online at or call 970.372.2870 to secure your spot and enjoy an experience that will be nothing short of epic!!