Office Staff/ Photographers

Shanae Simmons

Shanae is a native Coloradan who spent some childhood in Texas, and she is defintely as cool as she looks.

Annie Dillman

Annie comes to us from the state of Nebraska and she is wicked awesome!

Kadie Danaher

Kadie grew up in Austin, TX and hold a degree in kinesiology. In her spare time she enjoys playing soccer and playing with her dog who looks just like Falcor from the Never Ending Story.

Jamie Del Pizzo

Philadelphia born and raised, Jaime attended college for Film Production in New Hampshire then moved to Colorado for the powder days. An avid snowboarder and adventurist, she’s always looking to explore and get her thrill. She also has a passion for capturing life in creative ways whether as a still or moving picture.


Kenneth Freeman

Kenny is a true southern gentleman from the state of North Carolina. He’s always on the lookout for a good time, enjoys live music, camping and the entire musical catalogue of Kenny Loggins

Kendra Kulby

Kendra was raised in Evergreen, Colorado. She is currently studying adventure education at Fort Lewis College in Durango. In her spare time she enjoys camping, live music, and Kayaking. She also appreciates the amount of talent and hard work it takes to be in a speed metal band.

Lacey Owens

Lacy Owens is originally from San Antonio, Texas. She has commercially guided on the San Juan, Green River and Clear Creek. She is studying to pursue a career in Paramedic Pre-Hospital Medicine next winter. As a Wilderness EMT, Lacy enjoys the challenge of adapting urban medicine to a wilderness context. When Lacy is not on the river, she is rock climbing or shredding the slopes of the High Rockies.

Ben Atwell

Ben hails from Spring Hill Kansas. He holds a degree in multi media and enjoys hanging out with his dog wilson

Shawn Parker

Shawn was born in Virginia and attended school at Longwood University. He enjoys traveling and skiing and works as a ski patroller in the wintertime. 

Peter Farmelo

Peter is originally from Buffalo, New York. He holds a bachelor degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado and in his spare time loves to ski, skateboard, and dance his butt off.

Lee Herzbrum

Lee comes from Tennessee and is an avid outdoorsmen. He can hunt, fish, snowboard, kayak, raft and can fix just about anything. In the winter he is a member of the Keystone Ski patrol.

Jake Hutchenson

Jake was raised in Evergreen Colorado. He is at home in nature as he loves camping, climbing, skateboarding, hiking and snow riding. He is currently #127 in the world snowboarding rankings!

Richard Stites

Richard comes to us from the state of California and his excitable personality is infectious. when not on the river, you can find Richard camping in the backcountry or getting down at  show.

Jon Raevsky

Jon Raevsky


Jon comes from Grand Junction, CO and is a one-of-a-kind river runner. He also enjoys fishing, sailing, hockey and telling jokes.


Jessie Burley

Jessie Burley


Jessie comes from Oregon and has guided professionally in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado and New Zealand. She holds a Masters degree from the University of Denver, and enjoys skiing, swimming, and the Denver Nuggets!


John McSween

John was born in Louisiana before moving to Colorado at a young age. He is currently a student at the Colorado Film school and spends his spare time writing, directing, and producing films.

Jordan Bonifas

Jordan was raised in Nebraska and his calm and kind demeanor has earned him the nickname of the “Swayze”. In the winter you can find this cool customer on the slopes of Colorado shredding some Pow. In his spare time, he enjoys live music and helping out on the family farm.

Alan Blado

Alan was born and raised in Colorado. He graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in speech communication. In his spare time he enjoys playing music, snowboarding, watching European football and the Broncos of course!

Max McDaniel

Max was raised in Florida and is currently attending Colorado State University. Max is always down to go to a show as he is an avid fan of music.

Mark Wolff

Mark Wolff

Guide & Safety Kayaker

Mark is a seventh generation swashbuckler, 197 pounds of pure steel and cares about two things: fun and safety…NOTHING ELSE!!!